Medicaid Expansion

Quality and affordable healthcare should be available to all Kansans. Because our legislature has refused to expand Medicaid, 155,000 hard-working Kansans cannot afford health insurance because they fall in the coverage gap. They earn too much to qualify for Medicaid and not enough to receive subsidies through the healthcare marketplace.

Expanding Medicaid is the fiscally responsible thing to do. It would return hundreds of millions of tax dollars back to Kansas every year, creating jobs and stimulating our economy. Without expansion, many of our state’s uninsured will seek care at the most expensive place-the emergency room. This increases hospital’s uncompensated care costs, many of which are already struggling to keep their doors open. One-third of rural hospitals in Kansas are considered financially vulnerable.

Expanding Medicaid is the morally responsible thing to do. It will increase access to primary and preventative care, resulting in more positive health outcomes for hard-working Kansans. Despite their service to our country, many of our veterans do not have automatic and easy access to care through the Department of Veteran Affairs. Expansion would help them receive the care we owe them. Thirty-three states have already expanded Medicaid and they are experiencing lower mortality rates. Expanding Medicaid saves lives!

School Funding

Every child should have access to a quality education regardless of their abilities, status or beliefs. A highly educated and skilled workforce is the foundation of a strong economy. We must demonstrate our commitment to our next generation of leaders by fully funding our public schools so that we can provide them more opportunities to succeed.


A prosperous economy is one where everyone has an opportunity to benefit. I will fight to prioritize programs that stimulate economic growth to ensure a prosperous future, where Kansas is a great place to live and work. To create a platform for growth, we must focus on innovation, skills and infrastructure.

Small businesses are the heart of America. A vibrant small business sector will propel us toward stronger employment and a vigorous economy. We must promote the best possible environment to make it easier to start and grow a business.

Our universities have suffered major cuts in recent years. To be competitive in the 21st century economy, we must invest in higher education to reduce the debt burden for college graduates, and improve access to technical skills training.

Raids to our highway funds have led to delayed maintenance of our roads and bridges. Reinvesting in infrastructure is essential to rebuilding our economy and making our state a more welcoming and safer place for businesses, providing a foundation for decades of future growth.

Together we can strengthen our economy by providing a skilled workforce and great infrastructure to attract businesses to our state, and nurturing small business growth.